Apostolic Service for Youth Confirmation

Youth who wish to be confirmed are to perform twenty (20 hours) of apostolic service.  “Apostolic” indicates that the work should incorporate a Work of Mercy, which means care for a human person.  Volunteering with an animal shelter or helping with an environmental endeavor, while worthy, would not qualify, since neither addresses the direct need of a person.  See the Apostolic Proposal or the Apostolic Final Report for more information on the Works of Mercy.

Apostolic Project Final Report

Ideas for your project:

  • babysit for a couple that needs a date night, or for a single mom who needs a break
  • tutor or read to a child
  • help coach a team of younger kids
  • perform chores for an elderly or infirm person

Organizations you may contact regarding volunteering:

ALIVE (Alexandrians Involved Ecumenically) Food & Furniture Distribution

Casa Chirilagua

Catholic Charities (click “Give Help”)

Mother of Light Center

St. Martin de Porres Senior Center




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