Youth Faith Formation (Religious Education/CCD)

Faith Formation for Youth

Susan Doyle, Director of Religious Education      

Looking for information on Confirmation of youth this fall? Go HERE.

Registration for the 2021-22 program year is OPEN, and we are IN PERSON!

Per Gov. Northam’s Aug. 12 executive order, all persons over the age of 2 will be required to wear masks in our program.  Frequent handwashing and hand-sanitizing will be encouraged.  Desks will have been cleaned with wipes before entry of children, and children will be asked to clean with wipes before departing.

Please be sure to read our handbook below to familiarize yourself with policies regarding our program.  You will be asked to verify that you’ve read it within the Google Form registration.  

Faith Formation handbook 2122

BSCC Religious Education Calendar 2021-22

Spots are still available in some classes.  Please email sdoyle(at) for more information on registration.



Additional Resources Please scroll down for wonderful resources that would support your faith formation at home:

MagnifiKID FREE ONLINE: The resource your kids love to use for Mass has been made available for free online (ages 4-11 recommended): You will see below that there are recommendations for each level on Formed.  Formed is free to each parishioner, because we have a parish subscription.  Use the custom URL , and once there, create your own account.  There are even more adult resources than children’s.

Specifically for Parents by Grade Level:  “Finding God”

CGS & K:


  • “God’s Story” series
  • Beginner’s Bible series (see above for directions to get on  Brother Francis, Holy Heroes, “Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar”

Podcasts: “Catholic Sprouts”

1st-3rd Grades

Podcasts: Catholic Sprouts


  • “God’s Story” series
  • Beginner’s Bible series (see above for directions to get on  Brother Francis series, Holy Heroes, “Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar”

2nd g specific:  “Blessed” at DynamicCatholic has brief videos which explain very well about the Eucharist and the Mass in general, content that is needed for our little friends as they prepare to make first Holy Communion.  Start at this link, and from here you can access the following videos:

4th-5th Grades


  • “God’s Story” series
  • Beginner’s Bible series (maybe–may be slightly young for kids this age) (see above for directions to get on Saints movies

Bible App for Kids

Podcasts: “Kids’ Bible Stories,”  “Catholic Sprouts”

6th-8th Grades

YouTube: “God’s Story” (cartoons that appeal to any age), talks by Fr. Mike Schmitz, Chris Stefanick (see above for directions to get on Saints movies, “Why Believe?”

7th (CONFIRMATION PREP) specific:



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