Adult Faith Formation

Adult Formation 

“TAKE YOUR MEDICINE”   Msgr Charles Pope on the Sacraments

Did you miss Msgr Pope’s energizing talk on these critical encounters with Christ?  Check it out here: Msgr Pope: “The Sacraments”

Four Pillars Study continues with “The Sacraments: How Do We Enter the Story?”

Whether or not you participated in our study of the Creed, you are welcome to join us for this study.  What a great way to redouble your spiritual energy in preparation for Christmas!  Registration forms are available outside the parish office, and here: SACRAMENTS registration fall17

For information about the remainder of the Four Pillars program: Four Pillars Adult Formation 17-18

Advent starts Sunday, December 3. What’s the plan?

  • Join us for the 2nd module of our Four Pillars series: “The Sacraments: How We Enter the Story.” (registration available here soon)
  • Sign up for Bishop Barron’s Daily Advent Reflections: Advent Reflections
  • Study “The Bible & the Virgin Mary” online, for free!

Did you miss Father Basil Cole’s talk on the Trinity (Weds., Oct. 11)?  Check out the audio file here:


RCIA 2017-2018

Our class for RCIA (Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults) is ongoing throughout the year. 

The formal class starts again on Weds., Sept. 6.   The class meets in the parish center (building with ramp in front) from 7-8:30 pm each Wednesday until Easter, and restarts with formal Inquiry period shortly after that.

For more info, contact Susan Doyle in the parish office, at  or 703.998.6100, x102 .

Ongoing Adult Formation

The Four Pillars of Our Faith: The Creed, The Sacraments, Life in Christ, Prayer

Are you a cradle Catholic, who wishes to learn more about the Faith into which you were born?  Are you a convert, but would like to continue learning about the treasure chest you opened in RCIA?  Please join us for our Four Pillars study this year!

The study is offered in 4 modules, one for each of the pillars, followed by a 5th module devoted to Marian consecration after Easter.  The first 4 will be based on the brilliant “Symbolon” program, available from  Study materials for each module will be available in booklet form, or participants may simply download the materials from the Symbolon pages of

The schedule may be found HERE.


Our parish has purchased the dynamic online course “Formed.”  “Formed” has been called a Catholic Netflix, offering a variety of movies, documentaries, and online courses, presenting our Faith in a compelling format.

Parishioners are welcome to register, free of charge, through our parish subscription, which may be accessed by using our code, nr1029.  Once in our subscription, an individual parishioner creates a user name and password (which cannot be our parish code).

Other helpful resources

Catholic Spiritual Direction– a great resource both for finding spiritual directors and online readings

Doctrinal Note on Participation of Catholics in Political Life – The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has published a Doctrinal Note on some questions regarding the participation of Catholics in political life.  The note is directed to the Bishops of the Catholic Church, to Catholic politicians, and all lay members of the Church.

Holy Spirit Interactive Website for Adults

For Your Marriage –The US Bishops’ have created this resource for information on dating, marriage, family and parenting, divorce & annulments

Real Life CatholicReal Life Catholic is Chris Stefanick’s gift to the Church, especially young adults and youth.  Check out his videos!

Word on FireThe one-and-only Fr. Robert Barron, creator of the exquisite “Catholicism” series, runs a blog here.  Listen to his sermons on the Sunday Gospels here


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