Parish Boundaries

Parish Boundaries:

  • Beginning at I-395 and Four Mile Run (creek)- South of I-395 to Gunston Road
  • Southeast on Gunston Road to Valley Drive
  • South on Valley Drive to Braddock Road
  • South on Braddock Road to Oakland Terrace
  • West on Oakland Terrace to Ivy Hill Cemetery
  • West along the northern boundary of cemetery to King Street
  • Southeast on King Street to Janney’s Lane
  • West on Janney’s Lane to Quaker Lane
  • South on Quaker Lane to Duke Street
  • West on Duke to Holmes Run (creek)
  • Northwest on Holmes Run to North Pegram Street
  • North and east of Pegram to North Pickett Street
  • Northeast on Pickett to Seminary Road
  • Northwest on Seminary Road to Colfax Avenue
  • East along the Alexandria City/Fairfax County Line to S. Chesterfield Road (in Arlington County)
  • Northeast of Chesterfield Road and a direct line east to Four Mile Run
  • Southeast on Four Mile Run to I-395

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