Homeschooling Faith Formation

Homeschooling is offered for Kindergarten and grades 3, 4, 5, and 6.  The program used is “Spirit of Truth,” by Sophia Institute for Teachers, which includes both the text and digital app.  The homeschooling fee ($25) covers the cost to the parish for purchase of the text-app bundle.

Family Circles (optional)

For those interested, families will be put in groups of 3-4 total families.  Families may request to be grouped together.  Otherwise, families will be placed in circles by the age of the oldest child.

Meetings will occur once a month (or more, if desired by the families), in person if possible, and if not, by videoconference (Zoom), at a mutually agreed upon time.  Topics such as the curriculum to be taught, the coming month’s Gospels, or liturgical seasons will be covered.  These meetings will generally be conducted by the director of religious ed, but from time-to-time will include one of the priests or youth minister.

Interest in participating may be indicated on the registration form.

The purpose of the family circle is to support your efforts as parents to bring your children to Christ.  Additionally, we hope to connect you with families who are working towards the same goal: Heaven.

BSCC Religious Education Calendar 2020-21

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