BSS Annual Fund

Annual Fund

Invest in the BSS Annual Fund to help create an educated community to serve Christ and one another. The BSS Annual Fund raises money to fill the financial gap between tuition and the cost of educating each student. This gap is over $1800 per student each year and is made up of expenses not covered by tuition including technology costs, teacher professional development costs, operating expenses and tuition assistance. All of these areas are critical to the continued success of Blessed Sacrament School and our children.

Three types of support are needed at BSS: prayer, volunteer and financial. None is more important than the others. Participation more than size is vital to our mission. Last year’s annual fund donations provided $25,500 toward school operation, $7,500 toward a new tech data storage program, $16,000 toward teacher professional development grants for graduate classes, conferences, and seminars, and $11,500 in tuition assistance.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

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Annual Fund Letter from our Principal

September 2016

Dear Friends of Blessed Sacrament School,

We begin the 2016-2017 school year by expressing our sincerest gratitude for your strong support of Blessed Sacrament School.  We are thankful for the many gifts you generously share through prayer, involvement and financial giving.

Last year the Blessed Sacrament School Annual Fund was once again a great success. Because of the generosity of parents, faculty/staff, and friends of BSS, a net total of $77,065.31 was raised for our school. The Annual Fund revenues have provided the extras that are not afforded by tuition alone.  There is a yearly gap of over $2,000 per student between the true cost of educating a student and the actual tuition cost. The Annual Fund money is used to subsidize the school’s operating budget and helps fill that gap.  In addition, the funds support teacher professional development and provide tuition assistance. A few facts:

  • $28,000 was donated to the school’s operating budget to help keep tuition affordable.     
  • A total of $12,370.45 funded our Professional Development Grant Program. It was used to assist teachers in graduate level coursework at George Mason University and the University of Virginia and for professional development conferences.  This greatly enriches the student experience by refreshing teachers with knowledge of current research-based instructional information.
  • $28,000 was used to assist 10 of the 15 families who qualified for financial assistance.  In this time of continued economic uncertainty, we have families who cannot afford to pay full tuition.  We have families who have sustained job losses, major medical expenses, and family tragedies.  It is our sincere hope that no family must make the difficult decision to withdraw a student from Blessed Sacrament due to financial hardships.
  • $2,500 was used to purchase a new Benchmark Reading Assessment called Fountas and Pinnel to support our reading programs.

We are grateful for all your gifts. They confirm a strong belief in our school’s mission “To Create an Educated Community to Serve Christ and One Another”, and they show your firm commitment to Catholic education as a stepping stone to your children’s future.

God’s Mercy Will Last!

Valerie A. Garcia