Church News & Events

  • Did you know our parish has a subscription to what has been termed "the Catholic Netflix"?  Formed is the online hub for continuous formation in the Faith, packed with movies, programs regarding a range of topics, and more.  All of this is available to our parishioners for no cost!  To receive the parish code, and create your own registration within our account, email sdoyle (at) or call the parish office at 703.998.6100. 

    *Once you receive the parish code, enter it at FormedYou will be directed to a page where you'll create your own profile, including your own user name and password.  DO NOT USE THE PARISH CODE AS YOUR PASSWORD as it will not be accepted.  The parish administrator for our account will see your name only, but does not see your logins nor what you view.  



  • Are you interested in learning more about Catholicism?  Are you a "cradle Catholic," wanting to learn more about the Faith?  Our RCIA class is what you're looking for!  Classes start Weds., Sept. 7, at 7 pm.  For more information, click here.

  • Our 2015-2016 Musical Offerings Concert Season has begun!  Download our concert flyer by clicking here.

  • On the Feast of Divine Mercy, Pope Francis called for a Year of Mercy to start Dec. 8, 2015 and continue through the Feast of Christ the King, Nov. 20, 2016.  To read the papal bull the Holy Father issued, click HERE.

  • Bishop Loverde and Bishop DiLorenzo have issued a joint statement calling for a re-examination of the death penalty's necessity.  Click HERE for the English version. 

  • The Blessed Sacrament Blog page has been launched! Check it out by clicking this link!

  • Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve evening meals once a month at Christ House. Volunteers are also needed for food delivery.